Neotropical Dynamics (2019)

Exploring ideas of fertility, chaos and regeneration, "Neotropical Dynamics" is an ongoing photo series that offers a glimpse into certain terrestrial biomes within the Atlantic Forest, characterized by its high biodiversity and endemism.

Making reference to the history of Botany, the observation of plant morphology is the starting point of this project. Wandering deeper into the forest, landscapes become as much inner territories and emotional states as they are physical spaces, familiar forms are transformed and deconstructed as unusual beings emerge; the apparent immobile condition of the plant kingdom revealing its dynamic, never-ending activity.

Shifting her perspective between detail and totality, Dias Leite encounters an unstable universe who's fertile chaos serves as a metaphor for an individual's subconscious, endlessly creating and resignifying perception, thought and memory.

Inkjet Print, each 45 x 60 cm & 90 x 60 cm