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Inkjet Print, 2016

26 prints, each 30 x 40 cm


"Mutáveis" is a photo series that celebrates the kindgom Fungus as a metaphor for chaos, excess, decay and nature's infinte capacity for renovation. While mushrooms are the visible part of a fungus, most of their bodies are made up of a mass of thin threads known as mycelium, which grow deep underground, linking the roots of different plants.

These vegetative mycelium perform several fascinating functions; they create a network of communication between surrounding plants and organisms, filter out toxins from the soil, acting as a natural sponge and recycler, breaking down dead organic matter; plants, wood, carcass; aiding in the recreating of new nutrients and fertile soil.

Archeological evidence suggests that many cultures around the world have have associated mushrooms with the Underworld because of their transformative and hallucinegic capacities. Throughout history they have been widely used for ritualistic and sacred practices.