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Eterno Retorno: 2014 - 2016

HD Video, color, stereo, 14:30 mins, loop No. 11 : Inkjet Print 109 x 145 cm No. 12 : Inkjet Print 60 x 80 cm No. 13 - 22 (polyptych): Inkjet Print 41.2 x 55 cm

"Eterno Retorno" is a photo & video project inspired by the symbol "Ouroboros". Represented by a snake that bites its own tail, the "Ouroboros" expresses ideas of movement, impermanence, continuity, self-fertilization, infinity, the eternal return.

Floating in timeless, unknown places, textures that suggests elements, minerals and organisms are revealed; creatures, plants, faces and bodies emerge, disintegrating and reconstituting in an act of perpetual creation, destruction and renewal.