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Corpo em Transe

HD Video (triptych version), 2015

Color, stereo, 07:35 mins, loop

Oscillating between surface and interior, "Corpo em Transe" addresses certain physiological and psychological states within the realm of erotic activities. Using the body as a representation of the human energy, at times gentle and seductive, at others visceral and menacing, "Corpo em Transe" creates a landscape on the border between representation and abstraction, where human and animal bodies exist as limitless erogenous spaces inhabited by contradictory sensations; desire, pleasure, pain, fear.


HD Video (single-channel version), 2014

Color, stereo, 06:24 mins, loop,


Peito (triptych), 2014

Inkjet Prints, each 30 x 45 cm



Membros (polyptych) , 2015

Inkjet Prints, each 19 x 25 cm



Dorso (diptych), 2015

Inkjet Prints, each 30 x 45 cm